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The Romans reached the northwest of the peninsula between the 1st centuries BC. C. and I d. C. looking for gold and other raw materials. His arrival totally changes the organization of the territory of the  today UNESCO World Geopark "Montañas do Courel" by adapting it to the achievement of their interests.

Between the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. A. Were active more than one hundred auriferous exploitations that, thanks to the geology of this territory and to the deposits of primary gold paleozoico associated to the quartz, provided great resources to Rome.

The UNESCO World Geopark "Montañas do Courel" has many and varied resources (interpretation centers and museums, trails, mines and caves. Catering, accommodation ... 

Click on the link to access an interactive map where you will find information about each of them.


        Winter                                     Summer  

Monday to Friday                                 Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday and holidays                        Saturday, Sunday and holidays



Channel / tunnel of the Torubio mine

ToWe can point out two milestones in the Roman Gold Mining Interpretation Center (CIMAR).

Completion of the works on the center in mid-2021.

January 2022 ends the musealization of the space.

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